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Laconia Gallery


Tropical Depression

nancy ellen jones

Friday, April 1, 2011 to Sunday, April 17, 2011

nancy ellen jones Tropical Depression

Tropical Depression: how long is now and where does here end?
is a multi media installation by nancy ellen jones that explores the dichotomous relationships human beings develop over time with the environments that we inhabit. Sculpture, video, and live sound combine to create a constructed environment that seeks to evoke the viewer’s own conflicted sense of valuation of home, nature, and environment.

In the spaces in which we dwell, we cultivate our environment for comfort, for desire, and for commodity. We place value on the intrinsic, and on that which can be extracted; in many cases both occupy the very same space. Has our desire to extract this value eclipsed our respect for the sublimity of nature? Has the sublimity of our technology exposed the fragility of the cyclical yet sublime vitality of nature? Or have we, humanity, pitted these two sublime forces against each other? If so, in this equation, where do we place our priority? And where, and with what, in the end, will we find ourselves?

These questions are the impulse of art practice.

My art practice is driven by a curiosity towards the parallels that exist between the human psychological landscape and the relationship humans form with their physical landscape. Whether working in large format photography, video, or installation, my goal is to create, and welcome the viewer participant into a landscape in which to investigate ideas such as corporeality, possession, conflict, desire, and the ramifications of action and emotion, both on the human psyche and the terrestrial sphere.

nancy ellen jones