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Laconia Gallery


The Elephant in the Room

Thursday, May 30, 2013 to Friday, July 5, 2013

Laconia Gallery is proud to present 17 artists from around the country who work in encaustic and infuse their artwork with meaning and substance. May 30 – July 5, 2013.

The artists are: Tracey Adams, Binnie Birstein, David A. Clark, Linda Cordner, Milisa Galazzi, Jane Guthridge, Lynette Haggard, Howard Hersh, Deborah Kapoor, Joanne Mattera, Catherine Nash, Nancy Natale, Lisa Pressman, Lynda Ray, Marybeth Rothman, Toby Sisson, Gregory Wright.

Nancy Natale (2), Tracey Adams

David A. Clark

David A. Clark, Lisa Pressman (2)

Linda Cordner

Jane Guthridge

Lisa Pressman, Lynette Haggard, Joanne Mattera

Catherine Nash, Lynette Haggard

Lynette Haggard (2), Joanne Mattera, Milisa Galazzi, Lynda Ray

Lynette Haggard (2), Joanne Mattera, Milisa Galazzi, Lynda Ray

Lynda Ray, Gregory Wright, Howard Hersh

Howard Hersh (2), Marybeth Rothman (2), Binnie Birstein (3)

Howard Hersh (2), Marybeth Rothman (2), Binnie Birstein (3)

Binnie Birstein, Deborah Kapoor

Marybeth Rothman (2), Binnie Birstein, Linda Cordner

Jane Guthridge, Toby Sisson

Hanging scrolls, Tracey Adams

A catalog has been produced for the exhibition which features statements from the artists focused on the content, narrative, expressive gesture or other references outside the work and not primarily on the process or medium. Available from the link below.

The Elephant in the Room for this exhibition is wax, the less obvious connection between the many very different themes, content and aesthetics expressed by each artist. The artists chosen challenge the very definition of traditional encaustic painting by cutting, collaging, layering, using photographic imagery and ingeniously re-interpreting the medium itself. The connection between various artists to the luminescent, semi-transparent beeswax, resin and pigment medium known for centuries for its ability to present glowing, rich color is revealed through examples that apply that color to many different tasks. Landscapes and abstract works use subtle coloration while signage inspired designs and frenetic linear works employ color for more energetic purposes. All in all the versatility of a classic material is updated and investigated in this group exhibition of contemporary artists from around the country.

Curated by Linda Cordner and James Hull

Exhibition catalog for The Elephant in the Room: Contemporary Encaustic Works at the Laconia Gallery. Features artwork from the 17 exhibiting artists.

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