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Laconia Gallery


Dystopian Polemetrics

Peter J. Evonuk

Friday, January 4, 2008 to Saturday, February 23, 2008

block of cement with power cord

Peter J. Evonuk: Dystopian Polemetrics (fun with bricks & bulbs)

Peter Evonuk is equal parts meticulous craftsman and mad physicist – who else would use the sparks from a crackling CD in a microwave oven to burn a print onto a sheet of paper?

Evonuk uses everyday, hardware store objects to unravel Einstein’s theory of relativity, demonstrate quantum physics and investigate cultural valuation. He creates laser guided sledge hammers, over engineered mouse traps and lamps that use a dill pickle for a bulb all in a potent search for meaning and relevance in a crazy world.

For the viewer it is a journey of unexpected beauty; gold leaf on cut cinder block, paintings that illuminate when energized, solid graphite diamonds and a full scale, high polish marble carving of a common building block.

Peter Evonuk uses his metalsmithing skills to elevate and recompose the base materials of our everyday environment into would be luxury toys of the super rich: Designer furniture, huge gemstones and of course works of art. In doing so he reminds us of the cultural power of the craftsperson and the role of design and education in defining our social positions.

– James Hull, Curator

Exhibit Images: here