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Laconia Gallery



Robert Rovenolt

Friday, May 6, 2022 to Sunday, August 14, 2022

First Fridays 6-9

Sundays 1-4


The work manifests core tenants of the artistic endeavor; create without boundaries, limits, or restrictions. These freedoms, aligned with Rovenolt's personal approach to balance in life, lend to his innate ability to create harmony, balance, and order in his studio practice.

For more than five decades, Rovenolt has honed his craft and unique approach to the found or ready-made object.

Themes of the commodification of the male ideal, the impending environmental perils and the elevation of the mundane coexist in this timely exhibition.

For Rovenolt, "when lost objects find him, he ponders their prior life and function and then sets out to make them whole again."

The depth and experience of this septugenarian is demonstrated in his ability to build environments from disparate objects and to create narratives within their new context.