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Laconia Gallery


Jason Chase Presents: Singularity Black: Boston Design Week 2018

Jason Chase

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Saturday April 14, 1-4pm.

Model posing for a camera in a gallery

Jason Chase has been collaborating on projects with NanoLab as their artist in residence developing artworks, techniques and new products that incorporate Singularity Black, the world’s Blackest Black Carbon Nanotube paint available on the market.

On April 14 at Laconia Gallery in downtown Boston he will be exhibiting the world’s first wearable garment in Singularity, a “little black dress” that is so black it appears as a dimensionless silhouette that disappears in front of similarly coated background. This work will be joined by some “void-black” paintings on canvas, which will also be the first of its kind. Along with this premiere, he will be joined by fellow artists and makers who are exploring this new medium for use in multiple industries, as well as scientists from NanoLab will be in attendance for any questions.