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Laconia Gallery


Major Impressions: MassArt Printmaking Majors

Guest Curated by Nona Hershey and Fred Liang.

Friday, January 5, 2007 to Saturday, February 24, 2007

print poster abstract with rooster

Using printmaking as a conduit for creative impulses, Mass Art students showcase their work—which ranges from traditional etchings to innovative mixed-media that combines photography, digital prints and 3D installations. Armed with a multitude of printmaking techniques, they transform the materiality of copper, paper and ink into provocative art forms that provide unique visions of bewilderments, social commentaries and personal mythologies.

Grimaldi Baez
Melissa Flatley
Max Roseglass
Kate Van Rees
Danielle Shaheen
Cody Hoyt
April Hernandez
Patrick Casey
Kyle Bryant
Kerry Jenkins
Kate Casey
Sarah Wonson
Brian Willmont
Fionn McCabe
Patricia King-Powers
Andrew Churchman
Ben Zawalich