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Laconia Gallery


In Flux

Mark Schoening & Linda Price-Sneddon

Friday, March 2, 2007 to Saturday, April 21, 2007

hanging sculpture in front of wall drawings

Curated by Lisa Costanzo

in FLUX is an evolving “fusion” experiment that will take place over the course of two months at Laconia Gallery. Artists Mark Schoening and Linda Price-Sneddon will bring their respective materials and tools together to create an installation that will pulse with the energy of both the individual and the collaboration. Mark and Linda will work together in the space for the week prior to the first opening. The results of that exchange will be on view during the months of March and April. Prior to the final opening event in April, the artists will reenter the space to continue the conversation.

Linda: The idea to make this show a dynamic and collaborative “event” came pretty naturally to Mark and me. I think that the curator, Lisa Costanzo, followed a gut instinct in putting the two of us together. Superficially, our work is polar…Monochrome vs. Polychrome, Hi-tech vs. Lo-tech, Smooth finish vs. Tactile (even hairy)…but conceptually we have similar source and inclinations. Our processes both embrace mutability…change…evolution.

Mark: It quickly became apparent that both Linda and I created work that could transform and morph easily through any space. Her work involved the delicate obsessive quality that I so much enjoy. More exciting is the quality of edge between the two works, and ultimately their ability to intertwine with one another.

Linda: I think that this is a really important time to acknowledge the power of collaboration and cooperation. In Darwin’s last book he raised the crucial importance of cooperation in determining the long-term success or fitness of a species. However, by this time, the competitive paradigm for which he is famous had already been championed by the growing free market economy and had become the dominant ideological driver behind America’s economic success. We are reaching the benefit limits of the competitive paradigm in a shrinking world.

Mark: I had slight hesitation when confronted with the idea of the collaboration. I realized quickly that this would bring to light new challenges and ultimately push the work somewhere previously unreachable. I was given the opportunity to leave the picture plane and wander through space with furry strands of line and shape.

Linda: I am really looking forward to working both individually and in response to Mark’s work in a completely improvisational way…and I’m really looking forward to see how he responds to my work!! I like the idea of this piece as a dynamic record of time and our interactions. There are so many possibilities and unpredictables. Very, very exciting!

Mark: I felt fortunate to have two sessions to work on the installation. This gives us the chance to really run with ideas, and provides time for some major editing and changes in the project to occur.