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Laconia Gallery


Me Time

Lucy Kim, Susan Metrican, Ted Mineo, Kyle Nilan, Nicholas Sullivan, Albrecht Durer.

Friday, October 4, 2013 to Sunday, November 17, 2013

Opening Reception: Friday Oct. 4, 5:30-8:00pm.

small doll with words Me Time

Curated by Susan Metrican and Nicholas Sullivan.

The contemporary cultural climate is one defined by place-less information, a saturation of stimuli, and invisible forces whose powers remain unknowable and unchecked. This post-tech period necessitates new ways to navigate the very new, and unknown spaces that have been created by these forces. The social strata is being redefined, and in this, so is the collective understanding of time. Work time, nap time, play time, and Me Time. Me Time is an invented term born from an epoch defined by not turning off.

Me Time, will feature six artists who are examining and re-defining the term. These artists absorb and percolate the very cultural forces which gave birth to the term Me Time. By using understood modes of visual and auditory perception, the works of these artists in conjunction with one another illustrate attempts to navigate these forces while also re-examining the art object as the fruit of Me Time.

Review of Me Time in the Oct. 29 Boston Globe.

Lucy Kim Jessie – Unfolded, Oil paint on aluminum foil, 45″ x 59″, 2012

Nicholas Sullivan, “You Told Me To Go F**k Myself”, 30”x30”, mixed media, C-prints face-mounted to poplar, 2008