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Laconia Gallery


Taking In: AIB Photography

Friday, July 11, 2008 to Saturday, August 23, 2008

Anna Fink Sewing

Anna Fink, Sewing

Taking In: The Best of AIB Photography 2008 is a showcase of the best contemporary photography, submitted by the students and chosen by a jury of local established professionals in the arts. The works exhibit a wide range of subjects and approaches from color to black and white, digital to alternative process, documentary to photomontage.
As an opportunity for emerging artists to show to a large audience, the exhibition acts as a bridge for the artists to the professional arts community in Boston and is a glimpse of what young artists are developing for photography’s future.

The show includes a catalogue which will be for sale at the gallery. Individual works in the show will also be for sale.


Jon Bakos

Kevin Barton

Lauren Bockow

Kelly Burgess

Katie Cantor

Lily Carlson

Anna Fink

Molly Geiger

Shane Godfrey

Margret Hall

Ariele Hertzoff

Travis Hocutt

Christopher Hoodlet

Kim Jordan

Michael Kasianchuk

Jared Kuzia

Allison Lang

Katie O’Brien

Lauren Peate

Clare Robins

Sam Rosenholtz

Ashley Saccoach

Samantha Safer

Chris Sanchez

Tara Sellios

Buck Squibb

Jordan Thomas

Paolo Unger-Dvorchik

Amber Vickery

Paris Visone

Jennifer Webster

Paul Yem