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Laconia Gallery


The Empty Mirror

Jaina Cipriano

Friday, February 2, 2024 to Sunday, April 7, 2024

Sundays, 1 PM–4 PM

First Fridays, 6–8 PM

A photograph of a woman peeking into a dark space.

Jaina Cipriano, If You Lose it All Again, 2022, Photograph, printed on archival inkjet16x20

About the Artist

Jaina Cipriano is an experiential designer and fimmaker exploring the emotional toll of religious and romantic entrapment. Her worlds communicate with our neglected inner child and are informed by explosive colors, elements of elevated play and the push/pull of light and dark.

Jaina is a self taught artist with a deep love for creative problem solving. She writes and directs award winning short films that wrestle with the complicated path of healing. In 2020 she released ‘You Don’t Have to Take Orders from the Moon’, a surrealist horror film wrestling with the gravity of deep codependency. Her second short, ‘Trauma Bond’ is a dreamy, coming of age thriller that explores what happens when we attempt to heal deep wounds with quick fixes.

Jaina’s photographic works forgoes digital manipulation, everything is created for the camera. She takes an immersive approach to working with models, approaching a shoot like a documentary photographer as her subject is let loose in a strange designed space. Working with Jaina is often described as cathartic and playful.

Jaina founded Finding Bright Studios - a design company in Lowell specializing in set design for music videos and immersive spaces. She has collaborated with GRRL HAUS, Boston Art Review, and was a Boston Fellow for the Mass Art Creative Business Incubator and a finalist in EforAll Merrimack Valley.

Her photographic work has been shown internationally.