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Laconia Gallery


Midnight Bloom

Kaitlyn Malinowski

Friday, November 1, 2024 to Sunday, January 5, 2025

Sundays, 1 PM–4 PM

First Fridays, 6–8 PM

A painting

Kaitlyn Malinowski, Lunar flameOil on canvas36” x 36”2023

Midnight Bloom portrays organic natural forms in dark environments, operating between distinctly celestial and earthly. Floral adjacent, the forms read as ephemeral abstractions, simultaneously both lines and vines, shapes, and petals. Referencing the moon's crescent, the stars' sparkle, and the dimming of day, they exist beside cosmic entities.

Using descriptive textural lines and dramatic neon nightlife-reminiscent lighting, the bulbs become aglow, transforming into beacons of light. Establishing an otherworldly and midnight mood, forms swoop, sway, glide, and soar through the painted plane, exceeding reality.

Stems are cropped by the edge of the canvas, obscuring the origins of these beings. Shapes and vines defy nature, existing on large canvases, dwarfing their known counterpart. Denying delicacy, blooms exceed the natural scale, creating an uncertain sense of awe. This work recalls innate notions of beauty, mystery, darkness, and light. Gathering lines into forms, the entities shine in the nighttime, operating within the polarities of the natural and otherworldly.

About the Artist

Kaitlyn Malinowski was born in Buffalo, NY, and received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in

Painting at Buffalo State University in 2018. In 2019, she relocated to Boston and later received a Master of Fine Arts in Painting from Boston University. Kaitlyn Malinowski has shown work in galleries in the greater Boston area, including Gallery 263, The Nearby Gallery, and the Piano Craft Gallery. Currently, Kaitlyn resides in Newton, Massachusetts, where she maintains her painting practice and teaches elementary and middle school art.

This exhibition is presented concurrently with Steve Novick: Replay